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Thai Yoga Bodywork – Kansas City

The style of massage known as Thai Bodywork is a unique form of treatment that focuses on the physical balance of the human body, not only for the client, but for the practitioner as well.  Thai Bodywork has many applications of healing. Helping with headaches, lower back pain, sciatica, menstrual pain, irritable bowel syndrome, respiratory issues, listlessness, lack of flexibility and high tension are just a few of the symptoms an unbalanced body that are addressed.


Thai Bodywork is sometimes called “Lazy Man’s Yoga.”  Many of the poses used in yoga are also used in Thai Bodywork to achieve the benefits associated with yoga.  Achieving the poses alone requires months of training and practice.  With Thai Bodywork the massage therapist assists the client in achieving these poses by using their body to naturally stretch the clients into the proper position.  This allows the client to receive the proven benefits of yoga much more quickly than practicing the art on their own.


Typically performed on a mat on the floor, the massage is given in a way that uses body weight of client and massage therapist as opposed to the usual muscular strength of the therapist. The therapist will stretch body parts like taffy by pulling on limbs to loosen knots and reset proper placement of muscles and joints. Gentle rocking, controlled breathing, and use of gravity are all aspects of Thai Bodywork that are used to restore balance and symmetry for the client.


It is important to note that this discipline of massage is a very close proximity kind of therapy that has both MT and client in each other’s personal space. Loose clothing is the recommended for this technique due to the style. With that said, Massage Therapists that perform this style of therapy truly enjoy it as well for they themselves find balance in their own body after a session.


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